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Re: USA Presidential Election 2012

Posted: 2012-12-31, 22:17
by johnklepac

Not too surprised, but I voted for Obama because I knew no one but him or Romney would win in my state (actually, since I live in a strong blue state, Romney wouldn't have won anyway).

Re: USA Presidential Election 2012

Posted: 2012-12-31, 22:30
by johnklepac
linguoboy wrote:I don't get the feeling that most liberals are interested in electoral reform per se--it's too wonkish and confusing for most people. They only get engaged if they can see a clear advantage for the people they like.

For instance, look at all the outrage over voter disenfranchisement this year. Republicans have figured out that greater turnout disproportionately benefits the Democrats, so they initiated measures to reduce it (under the cover of fighting "voter fraud"). Democrats sought to have many of these blocked in the courts on the basis that they mostly impacted lower-income and minority voters--who happen to be among those most likely to vote Democratic.

But if, say, those being kept away from the polls were mostly Republicans, would the Good Liberals be making much noise? They seem quite fine with the fact that in, some states, convicted felons are disenfrachised for life, regardless of how long it's been since they've served their time, and that most states restrict their voting rights in one way or another.

The real problem is that what's best for the electorate (i.e. more choice, more turnover) is worst for the incumbents--regardless of party affiliation--and it's the politicians in power who would have to approve the changes. I really don't see a way forward without a massive shift in political consciousness among hoi polloi.

I'm a pretty hardcore liberal (and I mean that I only take issue with a few traditionally liberal issues like race-based affirmative action and absolute gun control), but I can't ever see myself ever honestly being happy about people never making it to the polls, no matter whom they'd have voted for. However, this is largely because criminal justice is one of my pet issues, and I agree with you about most liberals (but the same is true for most conservatives).