best 10 countries to live in

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Re: best 10 countries to live in

Postby Oleksij » 2011-11-20, 21:42

TeneReef wrote:I don't like the sound of Swedish, it sounds like rustic Croatian:

Oh my..
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Re: best 10 countries to live in

Postby JackFrost » 2011-11-21, 5:29

TeneReef wrote:Humid subtropical climate with warm summers and relatively mild and rainy winters. ... _geography

That's because the US covers a third of the world's third largest continent ocean-to-ocean, not just an ice cream scoop piece of Europe.
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Re: best 10 countries to live in

Postby johnklepac » 2013-02-02, 23:28

Chekhov wrote:Africa isn't stagnant, you know. Some countries are doing pretty well.

Botswana's kinda well off, as are the cities in South Africa and, I think, some parts of Ghana, Nigeria, and Egypt... what else? There's a huge level of income inequality pretty much everywhere in the continent, and that's beside AIDS, malaria, etc.

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