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Re: Morality.

Posted: 2011-11-30, 11:04
by Lada
BezierCurve wrote: So, enjoy being young and irrresponsible as long as you can.

Very dangerous piece of advice. Some people can't be adult even in 50 and continuing being irresponsible turns them into lonely alcoholics.

Re: Morality

Posted: 2011-11-30, 11:45
by MillMaths
Reminds me of Cliff Richard's song "The Young Ones".

The young ones, darling we’re the young ones,
And young ones shouldn’t be afraid
To live, love while the flame is strong,
Cos we may not be the young ones very long.

Tomorrow, why wait until tomorrow?
Cos tomorrow sometimes never comes.

Re: Morality.

Posted: 2011-11-30, 19:04
by TeneReef
But, you can ask a priest for a divorce if your partner turns out infertile or sterile or incapable of having sex. It is one of the rare situations where Catholic church says okay to a divorce. :hmm:

Re: Morality.

Posted: 2011-12-02, 22:05
by Leviwosc
Polonus, based upon your first story. I wouldn't judge John. John is a young man who has a wife, but his wife isn't capable any more to be his wife. She can't help him to raise the children, she can't help in the household, she can't satisfy or be satisfied. She's a patient.

Not one woman would be so selfish to demand a man to take care of her the rest of her life, while she's in a more or less vegetative state. But also if it was the man who was in this state, then the woman should be free to find a new love in her life.

You only have one life, offering an important part of it because one expects it from you or because you've promised it, is insane. You have to choose for yourself if there's no possible way any more to lead a life together.

Re: Morality.

Posted: 2011-12-09, 16:21
by kalemiye
People should let John live his effing life, he has enough things to cope with to have to stand what others, who cannot even imagine what he is going through, have to say.

Re: Morality.

Posted: 2012-12-15, 22:41
by johnklepac
If there is no way she will ever know, the infidelity arguably isn't doing her any harm, and it appears to only be doing John good. I say he should go for it.