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Re: Random Politics Thread

Postby Saim » 2018-07-11, 18:42

I don't know anything about these groups (I'm more well-versed in Serbian than Bosnian politics, and even then...). After a cursory look none of them seem to be any sort of ML sect. Oštra Nula is a Western funded NGO, so YMMV on how good that is. Other than that all I can say is that a leftcom acquaintance from Serbia (who I would say has rather 'good politics') likes Basoc on Facebook. :lol:

Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm just an ignorant diasporan. Maybe I could ask if anyone knows more in this left-wing BCHS-speaking Facebook group I'm part of? They've recently had lots of discussions about the role of NGOs in the region so I imagine we could get some information out of them.

What will you be doing in Bosnia, by the way? How long are you there for?

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Re: Random Politics Thread

Postby md0 » 2018-07-11, 20:05

Thank you! At least I have an indication about BASOC, which will be the one most close to where I will be staying.

My Slovene pal warned me that MLism is the main leftist tendency in Bosnia and Herzegovina so I was being cautious :)

Oštra Nula is a weird one yeah. I noticed the phrases "Donatori: Američka ambasada" and "SMRT KAPITALIZMU" on the same page. Those are definitely not words you often see together :lol:
Even participating as guests to events receiving funding from governments would be political suicide for a leftist organisation in Cyprus (especially because of the mostly fabricated witch-hunt against "USAID-sponsored federalisation promoters" of 2003-2004)

What will you be doing in Bosnia, by the way? How long are you there for?

I will be at a Linguistics summer school in Banja Luka. I'll be in Bosnia for 17 days, most of them in Banja Luka, but I'm trying to see what other cities to visit, either for museums of political history, or for venues like that (political present, lets say).

Originally I thought I would also have time to also see Serbia and Slovenia, but I underestimated the travel distances.
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Re: Random Politics Thread

Postby vijayjohn » 2018-07-12, 5:30

I wonder whether we've ever had any users who are more familiar with Bosnian politics.

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Re: Random Politics Thread

Postby Yasna » 2018-07-19, 21:13

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