Japanese translation of "Pitcairn's Island"?

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Japanese translation of "Pitcairn's Island"?

Postby bjmoose » 2005-10-20, 20:19

Dear all -

I have made a new friend who was visiting from Tokyo. I would like to get them a present and I was wondering if anyone out there knows if there is a Japanese translation of the novel "Pitcairn's Island" by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall?
I have tried Amazon.co.jp and they were unable to help me.
Thanks in advance...

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Postby Gon-no-suke » 2005-10-23, 1:48

I looked around on the net, but the only thing I found was an old edition of "Mutiny On The Bounty"

ノーダフ&ホール [編訳]由良君美
角川書店 1963.6.30 2版1刷\角川文庫217

You can get a used one at

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