Need a guide for basic Japanese grammar

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Need a guide for basic Japanese grammar

Postby NomadicAspie » 2018-08-12, 7:00

Could anyone suggest a good resource to learn Japanese grammar and sentence structure for someone who already has a basic grasp on vocabulary?


Re: Need a guide for basic Japanese grammar

Postby Ciarán12 » 2018-08-12, 9:46

Tae Kim's guide is good:

If you're looking for books, Routledge's Modern Japanese Grammar is very thorough. "Using Japanese: A guide to Contemporary Usage" by William McClure is good for getting to grips with the nuances of some more advanced stuff.
On the more beginner side, I really liked Oxford's Japanese Grammar & Verbs, small enough that you can read it cover to cover easily but it hits all the main points. I also liked the Practice Makes Perfect series for drills.
And if you're serious about it, the Japan Times' "A Dictionary of [Beginners's/Intermediate/Advanced] Japanese" (they are three books) is probably one of the best resources there is for Japanese.

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Re: Need a guide for basic Japanese grammar

Postby AlxAlk » 2020-11-23, 6:42

I'm a begginer too. I am following the grammar in an app, Obenkyo - android btw.
The major source of the app for me is the presentatition of the kanjis with they matches. Well, it's for me.
but the app has since hiragana and katagana vocabularieas and ... a very succint presentation of the grammar rules.
Well... it's a very basic start, but it is fast. And all in your phone.

I've got some doubts in this process and came here... so... nothing is perfect. ^^'
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