Help me with making a video, please

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Help me with making a video, please

Postby antoniovs29 » 2017-11-07, 4:33

HELP, PEOPLE WHO SPEAK JAPANESE (not necesarilly native speakers), I need a little favor!

I am doing a small video about pacman for homework. It ocurred to me that pacman should be able to talk in the video and say a couple of lines (actually only 4 phrases in the whole video). Then it ocurred to me that he should do so in japanese! But I don't know japanese and I'm searching for someone who does, and who is eager to record himself speaking those 4 lines (I only need the audio).

The story is simple: Pacman is chasing a ghost when suddenly the ghost gets out of the maze. Pacman tries to follow the ghost, but he's unable to get out of the maze. The four lines that he says are:
1. "Huh, What's happened? Where is the ghost?"
2. "Aaaaah" - as a sound of physical effort, when pacman tries to break the walls of the maze in order to catch the ghost
3. "Oh no" - with fear, because the ghost starts chasing pacman back
4. "I finally got you" - with pride, when pacman finally gets to eat the ghost

I hope someone can help me with this. You can translate those phrases however you want, and record yourself saying them (I only need the audio, and you can record them using your cellphone or whatever)! Then, please, send me an email with the recordings to telling me the name under which you want to appear in the credits of the video (your name, or username, will appear on the "special thanks" part of the credits).

It's only for fun, and it's actually a silly video. But I hope that someone can help me out with this, because I think it will be cool!

Many thanks!
PS: I know english and spanish, if you guys ever need help, you can contact me :)

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