Going From Conversational to Fluent???

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Going From Conversational to Fluent???

Postby zunebuggy » 2015-05-20, 15:30

I lived 8 1/2 years in Japan. My first wife was from Japan. If I went to Japan I could order and ask for directions comfortably. At one point in my time in Japan we stayed with my former mother in law and when the family was all speaking Japanese and I relaxed, I realized I could understand them. Same with some television. I even had at least two times I realized I was dreaming in Japanese. My daughter from that marriage is fully bilingual and she was quizzing me on words. I know a lot of nouns and a few verbs and adjectives. (And not just the dirty words either :) jk.) My problem is sentence structure. I imagine to a Japanese person I sound like a pre-schooler when I talk. I have been told my pronunciation is very good. I would like to study on my own and become fluent without moving back to Japan or spending a fortune on Rosetta Stone. Does anyone have any advice? I've checked out tapes from the library but they seem to be very basic phrases I already know. I aspire to be fluent in Japanese, not just conversational. I wouldn't even mind a career as technical translator since I have a strong IT background. Any helpful advise is appreciated.

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