Japanese and Chinese simultaneously?

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Japanese and Chinese simultaneously?

Postby Remis » 2011-08-12, 18:25

This forum seems like it's more active than the Chinese one so I'll just post my question here.

I have been doing Mandarin Chinese for my SAC 2011 (not that I've done a lot), and am going to continue studying it. However, I recently gained an interest for Japanese, and am therefore wondering whether there are any advantages and/or disadvantages to studying them at the same time? The grammars are different enough for me to be able to keep them apart, so it's mostly the Hanzi/Kanji I'm worried about. Would it be beneficial for me, as the characters are similar (and in most[?] cases the same), or the opposite, just because they are so similar?
Also, I figure remembering pronunciation could pose a problem due to different pronunciations of the same character (say, 日; read in Japanese as hi, and in Mandarin as ).
I'm doing Simplified Chinese, by the way.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Japanese and Chinese simultaneously?

Postby Kasuya » 2011-08-12, 19:11

The most confusing thing that you might encounter is remembering what style character to use when writing. For example, you might be tempted to write 报 in Japanese, but that would be the simplified character. The Japanese version is 報. The pronunciation of characters in Japanese and Mandarin is usually different enough to avoid confusion. Another thing to watch out for is words that are written the same in both languages but have different meanings. Words like 中心 and 手紙.

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Re: Japanese and Chinese simultaneously?

Postby IMABI » 2011-08-14, 17:55

I agree with kasuya. As for kanji, you need to remember that there are both on and kun readings. Hi for 日 is the native word whereas nichi is the on reading. There really isn't anything similar with Chinese and Japanese grammar, neither on pronunciation when you get down to it. Now, there are many otherwise coincidental similarities between Japanese and Korean. Learning one and then the other is vey easy to do.

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