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Postby RuBisCo » 2011-05-23, 3:23

From what I've been reading the Japanese language lacks diphthongs. I was wondering if any native Japanese speakers could tell me how easy or hard it was to learn to use diphthongs and hear the difference between them?


Re: Diphthongs

Postby Śrāmaṇera » 2011-05-23, 4:51

If only there were native Japanese speakers here...

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Re: Diphthongs

Postby IMABI » 2011-07-02, 20:03

Diphthongs by definitions strictly following Standard Japanese do not exist. However, dialects and slang do break this rule. The Nagoya Dialect is a great example which utilizes several diphthongs, one including ae. ai is a diphthong for some speakers. The new "w" in foreign expressions may be slowly conforming to the diphthong status of w as in languages such as English or Korean.

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