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Posted: 2004-10-02, 1:18
by DarkPlague07
oh- that was me. sorry.


Posted: 2004-10-03, 22:29
by IkimashoZ
I spent the afternoon in the technology center of my university. I'm integrating kana into my Japanese for Beginners course that I will eventually submit to Unilang. I did the movies today and just finished adding them. Let me know what you think.

Posted: 2004-10-04, 8:36
by Kubi
Ok, here am I:


Re: Actually...

Posted: 2004-10-04, 8:41
by Kubi
IkimashoZ wrote:Let me know what you think.

Impressing work that you've done there. You do that very well! One remark, though: don't explain the pronunciation with English sounds, at least not for the vowels, it just doesn't match. Most English vowels are more or less "diphtonguised", but the Japanese ones aren't. Rather use either examples of other languages that really have the same sounds, or give SAMPA or IPA values.

Posted: 2004-10-04, 12:59
by IkimashoZ
Kubi wrote:はじめまして。私はドイツ人のくリスチアンで、ユニランのニクネームはクビと申します。「リュネブルク」というの町に住んでいます。四十歳の化学技師です。私の趣味は合気道や外国語です。どうぞよろしく。

すごいですね。How many years of Japanese have you had?

Thanks for the comments on the website. I think I will include IPA sounds. I've got to have something for people who for whatever reason, can't hear the sound files. I myself have no sound on this computer because XP screwed over my sound card.

Posted: 2004-10-04, 19:28
by DarkPlague07
I like your site, it's very good!

My sound in general works, but not fo rthat site, I don't know why. it's very odd. Otherwise, good job!

Posted: 2004-10-04, 22:54
by IkimashoZ

there's no sound on that site yet. I'll have sound as soon as I can arrange for a native japanese person to help me with voice recordings.

Posted: 2004-10-04, 22:58
by DarkPlague07
Ok, sounds great. :D


Posted: 2004-10-05, 1:53
by IkimashoZ
Were you ever able to get Japanese text working correctly, DarkPlague?

Posted: 2004-10-05, 6:49
by Kubi
IkimashoZ wrote:すごいですね。


How many years of Japanese have you had?

I'm not sure. I learned it for about ten years in total, but not continuously, and not intensively. Most of the time it was in evening schools at a rate of two hours per week. And now for about four years I hadn't done anything at all any more, and decided some months ago to brush up my knowledge before it's all gone.

Thanks for the comments on the website. I think I will include IPA sounds.

Yes, that's good. I'd recommend to include SAMPA as well, because many people (myself included) can't read all IPA symbols on their computers. I'm ready to help there if you wish.

Posted: 2004-10-05, 18:02
by DarkPlague07
Well, the writing works at my Mom's house. But at my Dad's computer, it doesn't.

Posted: 2004-10-05, 22:19
by IkimashoZ
Kubi: SAMPAは何だろうか?

DarkPlague: Did you get my PM??

Posted: 2004-10-06, 6:40
by Kubi
IkimashoZ wrote:Kubi: SAMPAは何だろうか?

A system to mark pronunciation oly with ASCII characters. Our Wiki has a page about it:

Posted: 2004-10-06, 19:26
by DarkPlague07
Yes, I have Windows XP, and so I need to find the CD first....I don't know how long that will take. but i'm not generally on at my dad's house. I am only there on weekends, and I work all day those days, so I won't be there often.

Posted: 2004-10-06, 23:41
by IkimashoZ
Okay, then it sounds like you need a romanized version. If you have the ability, please use the hiragana version. You are not doing yourself a favor by reading romanizations.

The self-introduction exists as a kind of bracket for all your personal information. You begin with hajimemashite (nice to meet you) and end with douzoyoroshiku (lit. please regard me favorably).

Build a simple introductory paragraph for yourself using the following vocabulary. Use X wa Y desu sentences. If you need any extra vocab, you can leave a message here, e-mail me, message me privately, or use This is honestly the best dictionary I've ever found on the web.

shusshin  origin/hometown
~shuu  suffix for a state (pol.)
~shi  suffix for a city

gakusei  student
koukousei  high school student
daigaku  college
ichinensei  freshman
ninensei  sophomore
sannensei  junior
yonensei  senior
daigakuinsei  graduate student

senkou  major
gengogaku  linguistics
suugaku  mathematics
rekishigaku  history

shumi  hobby
terebi・geemu  video games
gaikokugo  foreign languages

My Self Introduction:

hajimemashite. bushemi desu. oogustanadaigaku no gakusei desu. shusshin wa sutoraringu-shi desu. irinoi-shuu kara desu. yonensei desu. senkou wa eego to doitsugo desu. shumi wa terebi geemu to gaikokugo desu. douzoyoroshiku.

Pop me some questions. I'm sure there's stuff you want to say that I haven't provided words for. Maybe I used some kanji or vocab you don't understand. Maybe you need to go over hiragana and katakana. I just want to know where you're at.

Also, if you can't view the characters, let me know. You've really got to fix that, because you can't learn Japanese from romanizations.

Posted: 2004-10-07, 1:22
by DarkPlague07
Thank You.

Posted: 2004-10-08, 13:38
by IkimashoZ
There ye be. Sorry it took so long to get that up there. Blame mid-terms.

pimsleur japanese

Posted: 2004-10-25, 8:22
by lleess
Minasan konnitiwa!

Is there anyone who know where from can I download dr. Pimsleurs japanese language course, please?

aini wo komete.

Posted: 2004-10-29, 10:04
by Guest
Can someone tell me how the diminutive is created ?
I am mostly interested in the diminutive for "pig". I found in the dictionary that "pig" is "buta". So, what is the Japanese for "piglet" or "baby-pig" ?

Posted: 2004-10-29, 13:49
by DarkPlague07
Heh. Sorry, I couldn't tell ya...