Easy and fun - learn Romanian!

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Easy and fun - learn Romanian!

Postby tania.vutcarev » 2018-08-22, 14:57

Hello, language geniuses! :yep:
I would like to introduce you to a language learning platform - VocApp that I work on and use to help others study Romanian (although there are many other languages available!!! :wink: ).
What makes it easier for you is that the lessons and courses are based on [u]flashcards, which include picture and pronunciation. This adds effectiveness to your efforts and make it easy to remember!
As an example, a FREE basic Romanian lesson here: https://vocapp.com/basic-romanian-phras ... rds-610979 .
Another important thing, now they have a cool app available, don't forget to check it out in the stores! :)

Hope it helped. Good luck on your studies! 8-)

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