Finnish grammar books

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Finnish grammar books

Postby Vinaok » 2005-06-13, 8:32

Terve veikkot! :P
I've been studying finnish for two months, I swallowed all Unilag resources and now i really need something further. I thought of a book ordered on the internet and what i managed to take out are these titles:
-Fred Karlsson/Finnish:An essential grammar
-Arthur H. Whitney, Tertti Leney/Finnish (Teach Yourself Languages S.)
-Daniel Abondolo/Colloquial Finnish: The Complete Course for Beginners
-Terttu Leney/Teach Yourself Finnish Complete Course, New Edition (Book + CD Pack)

I am going to choose for the first one, but, as i am totally ignorant about what's on, i ask you suggestions and opinions
..and if you know different but worthful ones just throw them in!

Thanks a lot

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Re: Finnish grammar books

Postby polishboy » 2009-02-06, 0:14

hmm, if you know Japanese there is an online book too.

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Re: Finnish grammar books

Postby MillMaths » 2012-01-16, 21:20

One of the best Finnish grammars, Finnish: An Essential Grammar by Fred Karlsson, now available to download online. :D

Unfortunately the material copyright so I can't post the link here. :(
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Re: Finnish grammar books

Postby Hakuna Matata » 2012-05-17, 4:37

Whoa, this thread is mega old, but since the OP now appears to live in Finland I'd take it that he successfully learned Finnish? :D
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Re: Finnish grammar books

Postby corcaighist » 2012-05-31, 15:30

It's unfair that the OP doesn't come back and let us know how he got on! :)
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