NB: The future of the Finnish subforum!

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NB: The future of the Finnish subforum!

Postby Naava » 2018-03-09, 15:24

There's a thread where people are discussing the future of the language subforums. In case you have not seen it yet, feel free to read it and join the conversation - each opinion is appreciated!

One of the changes proposed on that thread concerns our subforum, too. Here's a poll where you can vote for one of the possible outcomes:

    1) Should we merge Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian and smaller Uralic languages into one big forum?
    2) Should we keep Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian as they are but change the Sami forum into a Uralic forum, where the smaller Uralic languages would be moved to?

Don't prefer either of the options? You can suggest your own idea on this thread, on the poll thread or on the Language Subforums Managament Discussion thread.

Wish to know more but don't want to read the entire Subforums Management thread? Read the page 9 and page 10 to find out where the discussion began, and pages 18-19 and page 20 to see where we are now.

Comments? Questions? Leave them here, on the poll thread, or on the Subforums Management thread! :)

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