Help me identify the lyrics of a very special song!

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Help me identify the lyrics of a very special song!

Postby ixigo » 2017-11-02, 22:28

hola! Im new in the forum and i specifically enter here because im looking for the lyrics and translation of a song that seems to be an ethnic song. For you to know a ittle more about why im doing this, ill tell you a little more. Im a 21 yo young man that loves music, and i want to share this song with most people i could reach of my country, Chile. Yes! im from chile and my natural language is spanish! In particular, i would love to share this song as a retribution and with great joy, to a group of people here that collect diverse music from ancient cultures and makes spiritual rituals, sanations, connections with the earth, etc...
Here i leave you the link from youtube, the song i want is the first song:

Y salute you! y Estaría muy agradecido de que me ayuden ;)
(Im trying to get the song's name on my own meanwhile, still if i get it, i need the transalation of the lyrics :P)

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Re: Help me identify the lyrics of a very special song!

Postby Naava » 2017-11-03, 9:05

//EDIT: Oh I didn't first notice that you meant the first song! :lol: Here's the lyrics. How soon do you need the translation?
//Edit #2: looks like the lyrics are not a perfect match; there often is more than one variation of the same song. :hmm: I can't find the exact lyrics right now and I don't have the time to write down what she sings, but I'll come back later if nobody else has done it then.

In case you're interested in folk music:

What I've learnt to think as 'folk songs' are the Karelian style ones like this or this or Kalevala itself. (I think the traditional lullabies like Tuu tuu tupakkarulla would go in this category as well.)
Then there's the newer folk songs (if I remember right, these were created around and after the 19th century), eg. this one I had to share this because of nostalgia, it was like the kids' Idols in the 90's! :lol: and this one.

There are also traditional instruments like kantele, jouhikko, munniharppu and so on. The melody played on kantele is one of the many variations that was used when singing the runes, but I don't know if the songs in the two other videos are real folk songs, imitations of what folk music was like, or just some improvisations.

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