Translation help vooking

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Translation help vooking

Postby CrosbyGal » 2017-10-21, 21:57


I am trying to say, "I want to make you some Mustikkapiirakaa." Is this translation correct?

Haluan tehdä sinusta jotain Mustikkapiirakaa

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Re: Translation help vooking

Postby Naava » 2017-10-21, 22:51

Oh no, no it's not! You just said "I want to bake you in a some kind of a blueberry pie". :shock:

I'd say:
Haluan tehdä sinulle mustikkapiirakkaa.
Haluaisin tehdä sinulle mustikkapiirakkaa.

The latter is like "I'd like to make you some pie" and the first one is "I want to make a pie". I don't know where you need this translation so you can choose yourself which one you'll use. :)

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Re: Translation help vooking

Postby Woods » 2017-10-22, 9:48

She's making it for some Finnish guy :)

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