Best places to study Finnish in Finland

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Best places to study Finnish in Finland

Postby Woods » 2016-02-28, 20:06

Okay, this should be a topic of its own. Where does a foreigner go to study Finnish when they arrive in Finland?

In Denmark, there are those courses for foreigners organised by the government, and they're free if one's registered as a resident. There's also a period of time since the first registration by the end of which the whole course of Danish language training should be finished - after that, it's no longer free, or they cannot be attended - I'm not quite sure since I never registered as a resident and therefore wasn't able to attend any course.

Do you know anything about language courses for foreigners in Finland? Is there something similar to those courses they have in Denmark? Or is it better to study at a kansalaisopisto, or somewhere else?

The best would be if I can find a super intensive course that will allow me to communicate in like a month or two... and not very expensive one; and then go to government-organised courses (if there are any) until I get proficient. What are the options?

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Re: Best places to study Finnish in Finland

Postby isusbellus » 2016-05-06, 20:40

Maybe ask in facebook group called I want to learn Finnish or Let's learn Finnish language.
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