Can anyone help me with this audio file?

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Can anyone help me with this audio file?

Postby helppls » 2015-01-12, 22:01

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me figure out the content of this audio file? I have reason to believe it's Finnish, but can't say for sure. If it is, would you mind translating it please (it's only a few seconds long)

Here's the link:


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Re: Can anyone help me with this audio file?

Postby Varislintu » 2015-01-13, 17:35

Yeah, it's Finnish:


Mä tiedän et viimeks kun me puhuttiin, sua ei hirveesti kiinnostanu tehdä sen lähempää tuttavuutta. Mä toivon kuitenkin, et sä voisit harkita uudestaan. Mä luulen et meil on molemmilla toisillemme annettavaa -- jotain sellaista mitä toinen vois ehkä arvostaa. Mä oon nuori ja kaunis, ja mä tiedän et sulla on jotain, mikä vois pitää mut onnellisena pitkään. Oo ystävällinen ja soita mulle takasin; mä luulen et sua saattaa kaduttaa, ellet.


I know that when we last spoke, you weren't terribly interested in getting to know me better. But I still hope that you could reconsider. I think we both have something to give to each other -- something both of us might appreciate/value. I'm young and beautiful, and I know that you have something, that could keep me happy for a long time. Be so kind and ring me back; I think you might regret it if you don't."
Det finns ingen
tröst. Därför
behöver du den inte
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Re: Can anyone help me with this audio file?

Postby Vlürch » 2015-01-13, 20:27

Sounds like an "escort" advertising her services, right? I can't be the only one who thinks that? Right? Please tell me I'm not...?

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