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Finnish and Estonian Language Blog

Postby corcaighist » 2012-05-27, 20:53

Terve! I have been a long time participant in the Estonian forum and I used to hang out a bit in the Sámi forum but recently I've added Finnish to the list of languages I am dabbing in. To this end I have bought some materials and I have started a blog where I write down what I learn.

Because I have been learning Estonian for a while now I will translate everything I learn in Finnish into Estonian and discuss. So if any beginners of Finnish are interested or if anyone is interested in what's the same, what's similar and what's different they could check out the blog. It's only just started today so I have only two posts written thus far but I hope to have more as the weeks go on and I learn more.

Kiitos paljon ja aitäh!

PS: I also have an Estonian Language Blog where I go into more details about Estonian.

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