"Vopruz" in Czech

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"Vopruz" in Czech

Postby Ant67 » 2006-02-14, 19:01

I am Italian with a rather good knowledge of Czech, but I have difficulties in understanding the meaning of the word "vopruz" in Czech. Any hint?

Ahoj! Jsem Ital a umim trochu cesky, ale nemohl jsem najit ve slovniku heslo "vopruz". Muze mi nekdo z vas pomoci? Diky!


Postby zeisig » 2006-02-16, 14:42

Hledej sloveso opruzovat/oprudit bez protetického "v" na začátku. Opruz (nebo vopruz) je slangový výraz pro člověka, který "opruzuje", tedy otravuje, jinak také "otrava" (= otravný člověk).

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Postby mandark » 2007-03-26, 0:27

Okay, this one is more than one year old, but maybe someone will still find this useful:

vopruz is a slang term coined in about the last ten years and still in daily use and going strong. It can describe a person (see previous post) or an unpleasant situation where the closest English translation might be 'fuss' or 'drag'.

Zase fronta - to je ale vopruz...
What? Queue again? What a drag...

The word is derived form 'opruzenina'. It refers to a skin condition - http://slovnik.seznam.cz will give you the following translations: intertrigo, raw, sore spot, gall. So there :)

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