Translation needed quickly

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Translation needed quickly

Postby LHSEaglefan » 2005-11-07, 0:49

We have a foreign exchange student in our highschool. She is playing on our volleyball team and we are in the state playoffs. We would like to make some signs for her in Czech. We would like to have:
Go Eagles Go
Good serve, Sandra(We could leave off Sandra)
Good hit
Lady Eagle Volleyball #1

Thanks, our next match is Tuesday Nov.8th

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Postby elephant » 2005-11-08, 9:41

do toho eagles
dobrý servis, Sandro
i could translate only the first two, i hope that is a good translation :oops:

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Postby cal » 2005-11-21, 13:08

Good hit - Dobrý úder (or slang: Dobrej úder - or if you want to say "Good smash" :arrow: Dobrej/dobrý smeč)

Lady Eagle Volleyball #1 - Nejlepší hráčka volejbalových Eagles (or Nejlepší volejbalová orlice, but it's probably way too much musing from my part 8) )

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