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Videos of me learning Czech. What do you think?

Posted: 2018-10-21, 8:17
by matondo
Hi Guys, I will be posting here videos of me learning Czech and I will really appreciate your help correcting me to get better at it.

Here is my first video on how to count from 1 to 10 in Czech

Re: Videos of me learning Czech. What do you think?

Posted: 2018-10-25, 11:30
by silmeth
Wow, that’s pretty brave, I’d never find courage to learn a language by making public videos as I go along.

I am not myself a native (so take what I write with a little grain of salt), but I am a Polish speaker, and I can communicate in Czech.

Overall pretty cool, and your pronunciation sounds quite good, definitely understandable. Very good observation about people pronouncing syllabic /m/ as [um]. Although most textbooks will teach you to say it as [sɛ.dm], without any vowel in the second syllable, I agree most speakers actually say [sɛ.dum].

A few times your -t at the end of words to me sounds a bit like -c, as if you read eg. *pěc (with affricate [ʦ]) and not pět (with stop, [t]). Also you’ll need to work a bit on those š vs č vs ř in consonant clusters (like in čtyři ;-), yours sounds a bit like *štyrí).

As for the grammar, you subtitled your video as jedna lekce, this is grammaticaly correct and means ‘one lesson’, ‘some lesson’. But I believe what you meant is rather ‘first lesson’ and that would be either první lekce or prvá lekce (the ordinal number ‘first’ has two forms – soft, more common, první, and hard, a bit more archaic, prvý).

Anyway, pretty good start. Good luck with learning. :)