need help with Czech?

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need help with Czech?

Postby elisia5 » 2016-10-14, 22:49


I am Czech native, I would like to have some teaching experience.

If you want to I can help you with Czech language via email or Google Groups or something.

I am online 16 hours per day and I can reply to your messages instantly.

I do not know Czech grammar, I can help as a native speaker - correct sentences, help with translations, give you feedback etc.

If you would like that just post in this thread.

Looking forward.

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Re: need help with Czech?

Postby france-eesti » 2017-01-04, 13:35

Ahoj! :) thanks for this post.
I will actually need a native Czech person, because I'm planning a trip to Prague and Liberec and will need help with some simple sentences! But I am not sure you're interested into such a simple teaching experience :) I am Learning Hungarian at the momeng and do not wish to mix both languages in my head. I have 6 months of Slavic language experience (Ukrainian at University).
(and my favourite band is Czech too but I won't be asking you to help me with the lyrics - I'm not that mean) :mrgreen:
Ok - I'll send you a PM with my e-mail :D
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Re: need help with Czech?

Postby Multiturquoise » 2017-01-10, 0:03

I'm currently learning Greek, but I would really love to learn Czech. My favourite singer Lenka (Křipač) is from Australia but her father is Czech, so she has Czech descent.

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Re: need help with Czech?

Postby matondo » 2017-02-05, 3:20

Yes, I am interested. Are you still teaching people?

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