Pomoci u překladu i gramatice

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Re: Pomoci u překladu i gramatice

Postby Naihonn » 2012-11-26, 9:37

silmeth wrote:I’m not sure if I’m correct, but basing on my understanding of similar construction in my native tongue – Polish – „myślę, że” and „myślę sobie, że” I believe that „Myslím(, že…)“ is more formal and could be translated “I think (that…)”, but also “I believe (that…)”, “In my opinion (…)”, while „Já si myslím(, že…)“ is more unofficial and translatable as “I’m very much considering possibility (that…)”, “In my personal opinion (…)” even “I’m not quite sure, but I’m convincing myself (that…)”.

Then there is a slight difference, the first is more unofficial and shows a very little bit less confidence within speaker.

But still, I’m not sure if I described the difference correctly.

EDIT: Damn, I edited my post, had quite a few stupid errors, I’m sick and apparently having problems with thinking.

Yes, I know that feeling and hate it too, when I am sick and torpid. ( Nice word. I just found it in dictionary. :D ) Well, this difference is in Czech expressed mostly with different intonation. Well, the important thing here is that you used in one sentence and that usually means you are trying to say, that especially YOU think something and in speech you would put a stress on that word. But with the same intonation it has the same meaning.

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Re: Pomoci u překladu i gramatice

Postby johnklepac » 2012-12-06, 3:25

Nevím... "Zoo" je cizí slovo, a čeština často nečasuje cizí slovy. Snažte se mluvit s české přatelé.

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