Czech keyboard


Czech keyboard

Postby Elanor » 2008-10-04, 17:38

I need a tiny bit of help with typing on a Czech keyboard. I've installed a QWERTY layout like this one: and my problem is - where is the ň letter? Is there some "better" layout, or do I have to type the Alt+something code every time?

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Re: Czech keyboard

Postby hreru » 2008-10-04, 19:47

Well ň is not a standard key on Czech keyboard. You are supposed to use the key left from backspace which gives you caron (when pressing shift at the same time, you'll get acute accent if not) first and then you press n. Exactly the same way you use when you want capital letters with caron/acute, and ó, ň, ť and I wonder if there are some more you'd still need. :) Ah, ď. Should be all. :ohwell:

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Re: Czech keyboard

Postby Psi-Lord » 2009-05-19, 6:38

I’ve just had to recheck whether I wasn’t overlooking a key for <ň>, and Google took me straight to this post. Yay! :D

I’d already found out on my own that there were no single keys for <Ř> and the like, but not having one for poor <ň> did surprise me.
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Re: Czech keyboard

Postby johnklepac » 2012-12-06, 3:29


Můj počítač je hloupý...

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Re: Czech keyboard

Postby Mulder-21 » 2012-12-20, 8:55

You need to hold down the shift key aswell... as mentioned in the first reply.

You could also use a Slovak QWERTZ keyboard. It has ň where the apostrophe is (the apostrophe being moved to Alt Gr + P (the Alt to the right of Space)). It also has ť where 5 is. (Akin to the French AZERTY you have to hold shift in order to write the numbers on the alphanumerical part of the keyboard. The numerical one is unaffected).


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