J before consonant

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J before consonant

Postby Partisan » 2007-12-23, 19:31

I want know one thing about the J: before consonant (like in: jsem, pojdů, jména, ...) the letter J have sound of letter I or is no-sound?

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Postby Espectro » 2007-12-27, 15:01

In colloquial speech, "j" is usually omitted before a consonant at the beginning of the most common words, i.e.:

- present forms of the verbs "být" (=to be: jsem [sem], jsi [si], ...) and "jít" (=to go: jdu [du], jdeš [deš], ...) as well as in "jdi!" [ďi] and "jděte!" [ďete] (=go! - sg. and pl.)

- forms of words "jméno" (=name), and "jmenovat se" (=chamar-se :))

However, "j" is pronounced in words like "jmelí" (=mistle-toe) or "jho" (=yoke).

Within a word, "j" is usually omitted in the word "příjmení" (=surname) (however, e.g. "zájmeno" [zájmeno] (=pronoun) :P ) and sometimes in forms of verbs derived from "jmenovat (se)" - "nejmenovat se" (=não chamar-se), "pojmenovat" (=to name), "vyjmenovat" (=to list, enumerate)...
Besides, future and imperative forms of verbs "jít" and "přijít" (=to come) are usually pronounced in a slightly confusing way :P:

"půjdu" [pudu] (=I will go), ...
"pojď" [poť] (=go/come! in some contexts), ...
"přijdu" [přídu] (=I will come), ...
"přijď" [přiť] (=come!), ...

However, "j" is NEVER omitted in forms of verbs "nebýt" and "nejít" ("nejsem" [nejsem] (=I am not), "nejdu" [nejdu] (=I am not going)...) nor within any other word.

As far as I know, according orthoepic rules, "j" may be omitted in forms of the verb "být" only.

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Postby ikkon » 2008-01-08, 20:43

wow this was one of my doubts recently.

now its more clear :)
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