Please help!

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Please help!

Postby Debs » 2007-11-06, 8:21

I recently was given a book signed by the giver in Czech. I understood everything written except the word before his name. I can assume what it says, but I really want to know what it is. Since it is written and not in type, I can't be sure what word it is. Is there somewhere that I can see written script czech words? Please help, I'd hate for him to have written something like "with love" and I don't even know it. Or to think it says "yours forever" when it really says "have a nice life." You get me? I can't ask him what he wrote, so I really need to know. Please help!!!!

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Postby Mara » 2007-11-07, 0:00

Well, I'm afraid there are very few (if any) webpages showing a current Czech script. You can see an example of pre-1989 script on a Czech blog about typography (the first two examples on the page).

Generally speaking, the script is the same as in other European countries, with minor differences. Also, most Czechs "personalize" their handwriting so it is more or less different from what they learned at school (for example, I never use script for majuscules; I use the print form instead).

Maybe if you can (and want) scan the word and post it here then I could help you.
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Postby imploder » 2007-11-21, 22:56

"Opiš stejně krásně" :P
Je to odporně rovný a zrovna moc hezky to teda nevypadá. A psát C s kudrlinkou... :roll: :roll:
I když takhle nějak jsme se to učili a zrovna já jsem ho (společně s T, D a G) s kudrlinkou hodně dlouho psal. I teď se tomu moje písmo hodně podobá, jenom je mnohem kostrbatější.

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