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Hantuchova, maybe again

Posted: 2007-08-24, 7:28
by Mekosapac
Well, how do you pronounce it?
Wiki gives something like HAHN-too-khoh-vah and I'm not sure what that "-khoh-" means.
Is it K(ilo) or H(otel)?
I thought it should be CH(arlie).
Even worse, all tv-comentators here, in Denmark, pronounce Hantuchova as Hanch(arlie)uk(ilo)ova (???)
What about Safarova?
(For those who don't know, these are female tennis players :wink: )

Posted: 2007-08-24, 14:10
by Espectro
Can you read IPA? If so, look at wiki. I've just filled in the correct pronunciation there.

Posted: 2007-08-25, 12:50
by UNI-Lukas
And Hantuchov√° is Slovak by the way :P

Posted: 2007-09-05, 16:20
by zeisig
CH is pronounced like the German ch in Bach.

BTW the surname Hantuch means "das Handtuch" (Hand + Tuch) = towel

Posted: 2007-11-21, 23:03
by imploder
in X-SAMPA: ["h\antuxova:]