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Postby Sakura » 2007-04-10, 15:42

I Would like say hello to all of you.
Im new at this site, and im glad that i found it:)

Im a Pole, I'm studying european studies.

I cannot speak Czech, however im sure i will:-)

Today i bought "Czeski kurs podstawy" (elementary course with 2 cd's).

I hope when i finish it, i will write in Czech here :wink:

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Mr Palazzo
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Postby Mr Palazzo » 2007-04-21, 14:51

Nederlands, English, Deutsch / Español / .. / Trying to learn: Čeština + Русский

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Postby Levo » 2007-04-22, 18:01

I wonder if without learning a Polish can understand Czech.

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