please translate

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please translate

Postby dlang » 2006-11-02, 20:38

taky de mi lu ude ?? found this on ma sons e-mail anyone know what it means? thanks in advance

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Postby UNI-Lukas » 2006-11-02, 21:44

well, though I'd like to help you, I must tell you that that is not Czech and I have no idea what language that could be... Looks Slavic... but could also be Rumanian... I dont know, sorry.
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Postby cal » 2006-11-03, 7:51

Well, written like that, it means nothing. Though it is possible that the spaces between the words might have been Czech letters (I mean those ones with diacritics) and it may happen such letters were omitted by your coding. However, I can't imagine what those words can be. The words TAKY and MI are Czech, yes, but the rest is not. I can't even say whether it is of any language (and yes it looks Slavic but I can't speak but Czech, Russian and Serbian and it is none of these) or it is a patch-work nonsence.
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