Barter agreement for bookworms - Reading classes

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Barter agreement for bookworms - Reading classes

Postby Sasha-NN » 2020-11-22, 16:06

Hello, my name is Sasha, I am a native Russian speaker, I'm 27, well-educated honest young man, have lots of language experience in Russian (as I worked for some time as a tv reporter and an anchor; also as a graduated historian) and in English (around B2-C1). I'm working as an English tutor now. Well, at least, I'm trying to do my best.
I'm looking for a native English speaker. A good new friend, maybe.
I can help you read, translate Russian books and learn some Russian. Maybe even try to explain to you some grammar. As a native speaker, teacher and a pretty clever guy I know lots of cultural stuff.
In return, I'll ask you to do the same for me - to help me with reading an English book that I'll pick (probably on American history orrrr... you can pick some good book you want to read, and baaam, two birds, one stone, see?) So we choose books and work on each other's pronunciation and comprehension. You learn more - I learn more. Mutually beneficial. Also - more reading aloud, more articulation practice, right? And then cultural nuances, you know...

If you by any chance have southern US accent, there's a probability that I might accidentally fall in love with you. Kidding.

The reason I post this - to be honest, it is emotionally very hard for me to read alone. This lockdown thing is also a bit depressing, too. I want to communicate and make SILLY jokes and SILLY cartoon references. Because I LOVE American animated shows! Good grief. Can't find any foreigners here at home.

We can try reading regularly, say, every Wednesday or whatever, if you like or first conversation.
If you, the reader of this message, are interested, please add or text me in Skype: Pernatov
We can also use Zoom (more preferably, because of those funny useful tools for the screen sharing option)
Anyway, have a good one and thank you for your attention!

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