Learning Russian

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Learning Russian

Postby musicman1982 » 2017-06-02, 11:47

Hello, my name is Matthew, I am English, I live in London and I am interested in learning your language. I have come across a couple of things that I wanted to ask, if anyone is able to answer these questions, it will be appreciated.

1. Does your language have articles in or not, if so what type of articles are used?

2. When it comes to sentence structure with statements, questions, etc. How is grammar used in your language? I have come across a list by Tim Ferris, who has written twelve sentences with different types of grammar structure, I will list them below:

The apple is red

It is john’s apple

I give john the apple

we give him the apple

He give it to john

She gives it to him

is the apple red

The apples are red

I must give it to him

I want to give it to her

I’m going to know tomorrow.

I can’t eat the apple.

I know what I am asking is very specific, but if anyone can answer this question, this will be greatly appreciated. If anyone can, you can say, e.g “Sentence one, will be a statement”, “Sentence six would be a question,” etc.

3. Are there any words in English that are not used in your language?

Again, I know I am asking a lot of these questions. I am not looking for a lot of information. Just something to start off with and work on. I am learning Latvian at the moment, so I am fully aware what the commitment is to learning a language. If you can spare the time, i will gladly take on board anything you say, thank you for your time and patience.

Kind regards,


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Re: Learning Russian

Postby Katya O. » 2018-03-08, 19:48

Hello, Matthew!
I'm glad to answer your question.
1. No, it doesn't have articles.
2. The grammar differs from English. The most of words have suffixes. There are 6 cases. The formal language has a strict word order but the colloqual languahe doesn't conform to this rule.
3. There are, for example earworm, table queen, wikiality, closet music, hatriotism, refrigerator rights, globish, presenteeism. You can read the list here: http://begin-english.ru/article/13-slov ... ngliyskom/ .The Russian people like to sing in their bathroooms too but the language doesn't have a special word for this concept. :) By the way, I can translate these words but tomorrow. It's late now.

Your post was written a year ago and I think you got knowledge without my help, but if you've got question, I'll be happy to answer them.

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