Translation from a cartoon.

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Translation from a cartoon.

Postby Broken Wolf » 2016-09-11, 7:13

I was just watching An American Tail, one of my favourite animated movies ever. And there is a line from Papa Mousekewitz that goes

"if growing up were so easy, would it take so long?"

Can someone please translate that into Russian?

Thank you in advance.

Add on: I recently discovered that Fievel's family actually come from what is now north eastern Ukraine. Please see post in Ukrainian board.
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Re: Translation from a cartoon.

Postby niekas » 2016-09-11, 7:47

A very interesting question. When I try to do it myself, it comes out strange and/or too long...

So I've decided to look how they are translated in the existing Russian versions of that cartoon.

Если бы взрослеть было просто, разве это занимало бы столько времени?

In two other versions, they say a different frase, something like "soon you'll grow up and understand everything".

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