All corrections are welcome (uma tradução)

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All corrections are welcome (uma tradução)

Postby dEhiN » 2015-08-30, 0:34

Olá a gente! Eu quero a sua ajuda.

(I'm switching to English now, I've exhausted my Portuguese knowledge!)

In the "Translations" forum there's a thread called All corrections are welcome. I've attempted to translate that into Portuguese in my signature. But could a native or advanced speaker give the correct Portuguese equivalent in the thread (or just reply here)? I would greatly appreciate it.

(PS. I'm focusing on Brazilian Portuguese, so would rather learn what's used in Brazil.)

Muito obrigado.
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Re: All corrections are welcome (uma tradução)

Postby Osias » 2015-08-30, 22:28

Agradeço todas as correções

Perfeito! Segue em frente!
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