Translation request

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Translation request

Postby Leviwosc » 2013-05-10, 22:53

A friend of mine who breeds parakeets would like to know what this piece of text says about birds.

A Dra. Eliane Papa Ambrósio, professora de Genética da Universidade Estadual de Maringá-UEM e nossa grande amiga nos enviou uma curiosidade e tanto: TWINZY, O PERIQUITO DOIS EM UM!

Twinzy, o periquito dois em um. Uma quimera é formada a partir de quatro células-mãe (ou dois óvulos fertilizados, ou dois embriões que foram fundidos). Quando o organismo se forma, as células, que já tinham começado a se desenvolver nos embriões separados, mantêm seus fenótipos originais e aparências. Isso significa que o animal resultante é uma mistura de tecidos e características e pode ficar assim como esta ave. No caso, também poderia ser mosaicismo ("um mesmo indivíduo possui dois ou mais tipos de linhagens celulares diferentes, mas ao contrário do quimerismo, é consequência de modificações nas células de um único embrião").

Obrigado Dra. Eliane.
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Re: Translation request

Postby Henrique » 2013-05-11, 22:51

Although the text uses genetic jargon that I am not familiar with, I think I got the message right.

This text is about a curiosity --Twinzy, the "two in one" parakeet-- sent by Dr. Eliane Papa Ambrósio, a genetics professor at Universidade Estadual de Maringá-UEM, in which she describes the formation of an organism from two eggs or two embryos fused together. She says that the resulting organism is a mixture of tissues that can be like this bird (I think this is referring to twinzy).

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Re: Translation request

Postby mademoiselle » 2013-10-30, 20:24

I had to find two quotes from José Saramago for my homework, but I found them in English only and I need them in Portuguese. Would someone help me and translate them? :)

“As so often happens, the thing left undone tires you most of all, you only feel rested when it has been accomplished.”
“If you don't write your books, nobody else will do it for you. No one else has lived your life.”

I hope it's ok that I posted them in this topic. I didn't want to post a new one just for two sentences.
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Re: Translation request

Postby Luís » 2013-11-08, 23:43

I did some searches, but I can't seem to find those two quotes in Portuguese at all (literary translations can sometimes be a bit different from the original, so that might be the problem). I can translate them myself, but then it wouldn't be his exact words.
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