Any good radio / news sites?

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Any good radio / news sites?

Postby SamoSamNina » 2012-03-20, 6:19

Hey all! I'm brand new to Portuguese and am moving to Sao Paulo in about six months. I have some background (back in the day) in Spanish, so that's been helping some (though admittedly I like how Portuguese sounds more :) ). I've got some resources and music I like (always willing to take suggestions!), but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some news or radio sites -- as much as I love my music, I'd like to get a feel for how just spoken Portuguese sounds.

Or any other resource suggestions would be great too :) thanks in advance!
~ Nina
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Re: Any good radio / news sites?

Postby Michael » 2012-03-21, 17:12

Legal! For what are you moving to Sampa? :) BTW I recommend Rede Globo.
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Re: Any good radio / news sites?

Postby Osias » 2012-03-22, 15:59

I use to listen to this radio:
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