[Help] Is N and M are interchangeable?

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[Help] Is N and M are interchangeable?

Postby nameuser » 2021-02-08, 17:58

If My name is Ron shem Is it a mistake to write it in Portuguese Ron shen or it's a mistake?
Becuase I heard there is no difference between "n" and "m"

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Re: [Help] Is N and M are interchangeable?

Postby vijayjohn » 2022-02-23, 14:16

I suppose it wouldn't make a difference in a Portuguese-speaking context, but in my experience, the spelling of foreign names is usually preserved in Portuguese.

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Re: [Help] Is N and M are interchangeable?

Postby Luís » 2022-08-13, 19:56

Yeah, we don't usually change the spelling of foreign names.

Also, "n" and "m" are not exactly interchangeable, I don't know where you got that impression from.

In this particular case there's actually a difference between final -n and final -m in my dialect (European Portuguese). Final -n is pronounced /n/ while final -m just nasalizes the preceding vowel/diphthong
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Re: [Help] Is N and M are interchangeable?

Postby Osias » 2022-08-14, 1:55

O tempo flui de forma diferente nesta dimensão.
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