Welcome! / Dobro došli!

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Welcome! / Dobro došli!

Postby kibo » 2006-07-08, 15:28

Welcome to the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian subforum. We are happy to see you here, especially if you're a learner of any of these 3 languages. We will try to answer any question or request you have, and we are also interested in hearing what you have to say.

The first thing you will probably notice is that this subforum has several sticky topics. Here's a short description of what they serve for:
  • [Serbian] Discussion Group - Q&A's :arrow: if you have any questions regarding Serbian
  • [Croatian] Discussion Group - Q&A's :arrow: if you have any questions regarding Croatian
  • [Bosnian] Discussion Group - Q&A's :arrow: if you have any questions regarding Bosnian
  • Song translations :arrow: if you want a translation of a song, please request it here. It's not necessary to provide the text, but you save us some time. ;)
  • Verb Conjugation :arrow: Since verbs are one of the most complicated areas in the BCS grammar and since there are few resources that deal with that part of the grammar, BCS learners often encounter difficulties with irregular verb conjugation. In this thread you can request a full conjugation of any verb and you will have it as soon as possible.
  • Ideas? :arrow: if you have any idea on how this forum should develop in the future, or if you have a plan for a new project

If you have a need that doesn't fit into the above topics, for instance, if you want a translation of a sentence or some text, or if you want to discuss the differences between Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, please create a new thread, or look among the older ones.

Also people who are native speakers, who are good at explaining things to other people, and who have the necessary energy, may also become tutors and organize a course. If there's such people they should contact the moderator so that a new sticky thread could be made. So far we only have one such course.
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