Seeking Works in Katharevousa

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Seeking Works in Katharevousa

Postby elvam2167 » 2017-05-01, 20:11

I am seeking works in Katharevousa, in order to fine-tune my comprehension skills and see the grammar that I am learning used outside of my textbooks. The works can be anything, from fiction, to essays, to speeches, to textbooks (readers/ἀναγνοστικὰ or books on history especially), to documentaries, to cookbooks, etc. I know that there are many such books online, but I am totally blind and my screen reader cannot recognise images or text embedded in them. Most of these texts are in photo-scanned pdfs, and naturally use the polytonic system, which make them impossible to scan properly with ocr software. Therefore, I need things in html (normal webpage), rtf, txt, doc, or audio. If anyone can help me, I would truly appreciate it. I did manage to save the books from ΟΕΔΒ when they had them in html, but many of these are in Dimotiki or contain a mixture of Dimotiki and Katharevousa.

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