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Re: Random Literature Thread

Postby linguoboy » 2020-05-25, 16:00

Well, this is pretty damn random: Acclaimed Cuban-American writer H.G. Carrillo wasn't.


"And this weekend, in his grief, he suddenly learned that his husband (true name Herman Glenn Carroll, it turns out) was not the childhood Cuban immigrant he claimed to be — that Hache’s personal origin story, which he shared publicly and with those close to him throughout his adult life, was an extension of his fiction, a product of imagination....“At first, I was just so downcast,” he said Saturday, in a quiet voice. “I’ve only met his family by text. I never understood why he would never introduce me. Now I do.”"

(I tried reading Losing my Espanish once but never made it through the first chapter. If I ever do get around to reading it, this will certainly add an interesting subtext.)
"Richmond is a real scholar; Owen just learns languages because he can't bear not to know what other people are saying."--Margaret Lattimore on her two sons

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Re: Random Literature Thread

Postby Yasna » 2020-07-15, 3:06

Ein Buch muß die Axt sein für das gefrorene Meer in uns. - Kafka

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