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Günter Grass

Postby Yasna » 2015-04-14, 4:46

Germany's most important post-war author Günter Grass died today. He was most famous for Die Blechtrommel, which I read some years back. At the time I thought the book was too bogged down by over-detailed descriptions, but I'm ready to give it another try. I would also like to try Im Krebsgang, about the sinking of the Gustloff which killed around 9000 people. What have you read by Grass and what's your opinion of his work?
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Re: Günter Grass

Postby linguoboy » 2015-04-14, 15:50

Die Blechtrommel was the first German novel that I read, and the one of the first lengthy novels that I attempted in any language. Unfortunately,it was also one of the first fiction books which I didn't finish. I really feel like it loses steam when Oskar is relocated to the Rhineland. (And evidentally Schlöndorff felt the same way, since that's where he chooses to conclude his film adaptation.) But up until then I enjoyed it immensely.

I wasn't sure, however, if it was a lucky shot, like Heller's Catch 22 or Salinger's Catcher in the rye, since I heard mixed reviews of his other works. Recently, though, I've gotten enthusiastic recommendations of Der Butt, so I may give that a try after all.
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Re: Günter Grass

Postby vijayjohn » 2015-04-14, 16:50

I've never read anything by him, but I've definitely heard of him because he's referenced in TY Business French. :silly:

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