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Re: How did you get into literature?

Posted: 2015-01-26, 14:49
by Jegesmedve
Varislintu wrote:Yes, I for one thought they meant the urinary bladder. Isn't it rather the stomach?

It is. Its name is disznósajt (if you are a veggie, don't google it :D ) and as far as I know it's usually made out of the sow's stomach which is stuffed with eatable rests from the pig.
Yeah, he would gladly, I'm sure. :mrgreen: But I have to admit I haven't properly sat down to study Hungarian grammar, so while I have a small basic vocabulary, I can't read almost anything. :oops:

I'm in the same situation with Finnish. There supposed to be some 200 words of Finno-Ugrian origin in Hungarian, but not in the active everyday speech I'm afraid, so I can't make out anything of a Finnish text.