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Re: Gay books

Postby JackFrost » 2015-01-11, 18:57

So from a note document of what I read:

À-Pic – Frank Secka (French, easy reading)
Boulevard – Jim Grimsely (English)
Comfort & Joy – Jim Grimsley (English)
Dream Boy – Jim Grimsley (English)
En absence des hommes – Philippe Besson (French)
Grandir – Gilles Leroy (French)
L'amant russe – Gilles Leroy (French... one of my favourites!)
Les Jérémiades – Simon Boulerice (Canadian French, pretty messed up stuff so be warned).
Que vais-je faire jusqu'à ce que je meure? – Robert Lalonde (Canadian French, warning mental triggers)
Requiem gai – Vincent Lauzon (Canadian French, very sucky ending though)
Retour parmi les hommes – Philippe Besson (French)
Son frère – Philippe Besson (French)
Tous les garçons et les filles – Jérôme Lambert (French, easy reading)
Un papillon dans la peau – Virginie Lou (French, easy reading)
Zweier ohne – Dirk Kurbjuweit (German translated into French under name of Deux sans barreur).

僕の知らない恋の話 (Boku no Shiranai Koi no Hanashi) – Sachi Murakami (Japanese translated into French under title of Un amour ignoré)
Candélabres – Algésiras (French)
ニューヨーク・ニューヨーク(New York, New York) - Marimo Ragawa (Japanese translated into French, pretty violent so be warned)
Max en Sven – Tim Bouden (Dutch translated into French under title of Max et Sven)
Neferuj paħujkij!

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