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Re: Reading in school [split]

Posted: 2014-07-31, 23:03
by vijayjohn
They would occasionally let us pick the books we wanted to read in elementary school, and we were sometimes allowed to read whatever books we wanted in middle school just to kill time, but otherwise, they pretty much never did this. Once in middle school, they said basically: "You can pick this book, this book, or this book. Which do you want to read? Get into groups of 3-5 people who are reading the same book." Otherwise, at most, they would say, "You don't have to read this book, but you'll get extra credit if you do."

Re: Reading in school [split]

Posted: 2020-05-17, 18:02
by Gormur
Why I hated school. We were forced from 1st grade~8th grade to take English. English at my school meant English grammar and that's all it was, basically like drills with tons of assignments and even long essays

Simultaneously, from 7th~8th grade we had an English studies course, which was studying literature and writing papers about every damn book we read. Then we'd have to read the paper in front of the class. It was terrifying. We also had to read all that English literature from the Renaissance period in its original with footnotes

I didn't mind figuring that out, but just the whole drill we went through. I can't imagine that kids still go through that, or at least I hope they don't :hmm: