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Posted: 2014-03-26, 19:54
by Outerman
I didn't know it was a book review website, I thought you bought ebooks on it.

I'd probably make a blog if I was going to talk about the books I've read.


Posted: 2016-05-28, 15:49
by ceid donn
This is a pretty dead thread but whatevs. I just rejoined Goodreads, as in addition to my SAC I have ton of ebooks and other books I feel absolutely guilty for not starting let alone finishing because I've been spending so much time playing video games. So for another summer project, I'm going to have some reading goals, which will include any books in Irish, Scottish Gaelic and French (or anything else I add down the line).

I already am in the process of setting up my account. I don't remember any of my old GR friends so maybe someone here can be my friend? :D


Posted: 2017-08-15, 14:55
by Luís
I've added some of you guys.

I don't really have the patience to add all my language books to the list (that would take me too long) so I mostly stick to books I'm currently reading (some of them are language related, some aren't).

Here's my profile