Dutch Pronounciation. Part I

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Dutch Pronounciation. Part I

Postby Sander » 2005-10-16, 12:45

Dutch Pronounciation. Part I
The 'V' & the 'W'

In this tutorial, I could start writing all sorts of word formulas in X-Sampa but I think that this would only result in more confusion, on both sides.Therefore I'll work with AUDIO samples, since I believe his works far better than Xsampa.

The 'V' :

Vuil - (dirty)
Vaak - (often)
vreemd - (odd/strange)


The 'W' :

Wie - (who)
Wanneer - (when)
Waarom?- (why)


Exceptions, in some cases the 'W' is pronounced as a 'V' , but this happens very seldom.

An Exception:

Wreed - (Cruel)


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