Native speakers of Dutch

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Native speakers of Dutch

Postby KaroR » 2015-10-19, 10:50


I'm looking for native speakers of Dutch who would like to evaluate word pairs on two scales. The scales were designed by university researchers who conduct a study in linguistics. It takes around 20 minutes to complete the scales and your answers will help understand how language is used to create meaning. The link to the survey is: ... oRfws1eiz3

Thank you in advance!


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Re: Native speakers of Dutch

Postby Hoogstwaarschijnlijk » 2015-12-29, 11:07

Weet niet of je nog antwoorden nodig had, maar heb het ingevuld. Ben benieuwd wat jullie hier nu mee gaan doen...

Één opmerking: wanddecoratie is één woord, geen twee.
Native: Dutch
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Corrections appreciated.

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