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Transcript Request for Youtube Video?

Posted: 2015-07-17, 6:57
by MegaLoler
I'm not sure if it's okay to request a transcript here... if it's not I can remove this or something... but I don't see anything saying it's prohibited so! :o

But if it is okay, and someone wouldn't mind, I would really appreciate a transcript of a video like this one:

I realize it's long, but even just a few minutes could be really helpful. It's really hard to find transcripts of language, especially Dutch, in this kind of context. Thank you for any help!

Re: Transcript Request for Youtube Video?

Posted: 2015-08-12, 23:55
by Dutchess
Hi there! I tried to transcript a bit for you, but only got to 0:24 before I gave up. I couldn't understand it all since he talks so fast but I hope even this little bit is helpful to you.


Hallo kijkers van De GameHal. Leuk dat jullie er allemaal weer zijn en dat jullie weer kijken naar de nieuwe aflevering van MINECRAFT SURVIVAL ??? hoe je dat ook wilt noemen.. hier op mijn game kanaal De GameHal!
Dit is alweer de tweede aflevering van deze serie die ik hier doe op mijn game kanaal De GameHal, mijn tweede game kanaal.
En in deze serie gaan wij dus gewoon survival-en, wat eingelijk ook wel in de titel aangeef zat..

If you come across any shorter clips I can always give it another try. It was actually kinda fun! :)