dutch translation

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dutch translation

Postby feathersandheathers » 2014-12-14, 18:24

can someone help me with this translation. thankyou.
to correct it.

ik houd van onder de wolken lopen omdat de zon is te helder.
i love walking under the clouds because the sun is too bright.

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Re: dutch translation

Postby Reinder » 2014-12-14, 19:04

I would say:
Ik houd er van om onder de wolken te lopen omdat de zon te helder is.

I am not sure about the punctuation, though.
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Re: dutch translation

Postby dorenda » 2014-12-15, 22:49

For me, "Ik houd van onder..." and "ik houd ervan om onder..." sound equally good. I think it's better to put a comma after "lopen", and I would say "omdat de zon te fel is", though "helder" is not wrong.

But even after all that, it's still a sentence I would never say, because of the "onder de wolken" part. As if the sun is not too bright if I sit or do something else, or as if it were possible to walk above the clouds as well. :) So I would rather say something like:
Ik hou van bewolkt weer (wanneer ik loop), omdat de zon te fel is.
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