Need help!

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Need help!

Postby Balu » 2010-11-27, 19:40

Hey everyone,
I'm writing and essay and I need some quote/phrase said by some famous person(from anywhere in the world, but famous) about the country of Netherlands. I'm really desperate, since i couldn't find anything in Google. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Need help!

Postby dorenda » 2010-11-30, 23:15

There's this quote, "God made the Dutch, but the Dutch made Holland", but I don't know who first said it. While trying to find the author, I came across this page where it said, 'Or as Thomas Hood put it in Up the Rhine: "Holland. . . lies so low, they're only saved by being dammed."' So there you have your quote by a famous person. Actually, I don't know Thomas Hood, but he's famous enough to have a Wikipedia page of his own. ;)
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